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The number one place in Europe to buy a Volkswagen California Beach, Coast or Ocean. We have a large variety in configurations in stock so there is a big change you will find what you are looking for.


The Ford Nugget is the great camper van build by Westfalia. At MyNugget we offer the complete Nugget range. In our stocklist you will find ready to drive vehicles.


The Dutch Design camper van built to experience vanlife in Style. With a lot of innovations like recycled wine corks for insulation and an induction cooker instead of gas the Amstervan takes it to the next level.

Marco Polo

This camper van is the top of the range. Based on the Mercedes Benz V-class and a camper interior build by Westfalia. What more could you wish for.
The Marco Polo is also available as Activity and Horizon.


The Toyota ProAce Verso based CrossCamp gives you all the freedom that you need. The Flex has the the side mounted kitchen and cabinets and the Flex gives you a large bed.
This is the van that is as flexible as you are.

Tourne Mobil

Build for Scandinavia and ready for the world. Tourne Mobil offers a lot of new features and clever design. It is build with the best materials to give its customers a next level experience. is the new dealer for Tourne Mobil in The Netherlands



California Nugget CrossCamp Marco Polo Tourne
Length (m) 4,90 4,97 4,95 5,14 5,99 / 6,40
Width (m) 2,29 2,27 2,21 2,24 2,51
Height (m) 1,99 2,07 1,99 1,98 2,57
Bed up (m) 1,20 x 2,00 1,38 x 2,00 1,10 x 1,90 1,13 x 2,05 1,40 x 1,90*
Bed down (m) 1,17 x 2,00 1,30 x 1,91 1,12 x 2,12 1,13 x 2,03 1,10 x 1,85*
Max. allowed weight (kg) 3.080 3.240 2.800 3.050 3.500

* Bed up is bed in rear and Bed down is bed in front with Tourne

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