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At we sell the best compact camper vans in the European market. From the bus that started it all (VW California) tot the new kid on the block (Citroën Campster). Go and discover what is the best for you.

In short the unique features and measurements:


VW California Coast

L: 4,90 m, W: 2,30 m, H: 1,99 m
4 (5*) Seats, 4 Beds
Features: Standard with fridge, 4×4 possible, kitchen and poptop in aluminium

Ford Nugget

L: 4,97 m, W: 2,27 m, H: (poptop)  2,07 m
5 Seats, 4 Beds
Features: Kitchen in the back, available with HighTop and long wheel base, standard fridge, aux. heater and outside shower

Citroën Campster

L: 4,95, B: 2,21 m, H: 1,99 m
5 (6*) Seats, 4 Beds
Features: 2 sliding doors, Rear window and poptop can be opened, standard automatic airco


The number one place in Europe to buy a Volkswagen California Beach, Coast or Ocean. MyCalifornia offers a configurator so you can build your own perfect VW T6.1 California camper. Or pick one from our stocklist.


The Ford Nugget is the great camper van build by Westfalia. At MyNugget we offer our configurator where you can build your Nugget camper van. In our stocklist you will find ready to drive vehicles.

MyCampster is official dealer of the Citroën Campster in The Netherlands. This camper van is build by Pössl in Germany. If you are not from Holland but still interested in the Campster feel free to contact us.

Tourne Mobil is the new dealer for Tourne Mobil in The Netherlands

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